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Welcome to Nous Hospital Consultants.

India's Leading Hospital and Healthcare Management Consultants.We are the Consulting Organisation of Management and Design Professionals specialising in Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Diagnostic Centers and all types of Healthcare Projects.

"Nous believes that all Healthcare Facilities must be planned to enhance Life."

The Hospitals have to be comforting and have to effectively organise the increasingly complex process of rendering Healthcare. For us, the design process is a cost related, problem solving process, for creating the right spaces & ambience for the Healthcare Providers. We harness all technological developments in clinical care, in diagnostic services, in engineering support systems, in design of spaces and in administrative services - and integrate them into an effective Healthcare Delivery System.

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Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Health Clubs, Diagnostic/Medical Labs, Medical Center or any other Healthcare facility and need experts with experience in medical specific designs to provide cost effective planning and designing or commissioning.


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Knowledge is for sharing.Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species that it is today. Here you can check out our vision, forecast for health industry, Nous philosphy, our experience from past projects, case studies, Emerging Trends etc.

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