NOUS Hospital Consultants specialises in Hospitals and Healthcare Projects. We have, to our credit, the programming and planning of more than  142 Healthcare projects, of which 128 are hospitals. Of these, 112 have subsequently been designed and constructed to the planned parameters; and are now being successfully used to provide Healthcare. They are not only meeting the objectives of planning but have proved to be capable of meeting the planned and un­-planned additional loads in terms of bed’s service area ratios and service system loads.

These projects are located in various parts of India, viz. New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Uttaranchal Pradesh, Orissa, &, Madhya Pradesh. We have also provided our services for Hospital & Healthcare projects in Republic of Guyana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Senegal, Republic of Zambia, Bangladesh, Republic of Seychelles & erstwhile USSR.

We are currently engaged in Planning & Designing of AIIMS Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh; AIIMS Deogarh, Chhattisgarh; GMCH in Madhubani & Buxar in Bihar; four GNCTD Hospitals in Delhi. It also includes re-modelling of existing Hospital Buildings as well as planning of new Building Blocks in 16 GNCTD Hospitals for upgrading the Healthcare Delivery Services in Delhi. We are associated with upgradation of Sree Chitra Thirumal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

In the recent past, we completed Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences (ILBS), a Deemed University for Postgraduate Medical Education. It has a 550 Bedded Hospital for Liver & Kidney Transplantation, a National Tissue Repository, an accredited Animal House & an Advanced Research Laboratory with Centres for Bioinformatics, Genomics & a GMP facility for Molecular Biology. We provided design consultancy for setting up the first Super Speciality Hospital in Republic of Guyana, for establishment of 650 Health Posts in Republic of Zambia and carried out Medical Audit in Republic of Senegal for provision of Critical Care where we proposed 10 Hospitals for Emergency & Trauma care, one in each province of the country. We have also prepared the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for upgradation of the 300 Bedded Seychelles Hospital in the Republic of Seychelles. In addition, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (Phase-I) at Jamia Hamdard, Delhi (a 100 seat Medical College & 600 Bedded Hospital); and upgraded 100 Bedded Vedanta Hindustan Zinc Heart Hospital, at RNT Medical College, Udaipur, Rajasthan, have been commissioned.

We have been associated with planning & designing of LPL Reference Medical Laboratory, Rohini, Delhi - the largest in Asia with capacity to handle 100,000 tests per day. We have also implemented the Hospital Manual for operational management in 3 of our Hospitals. We have designed the Ultra Clean Modular Operating Room, a Class 100 Cleanroom, for spinal surgery at Indian Spinal Injury Centre (ISIC), in New Delhi. We are working in association with some of the leading Hospital Architects of Delhi and Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC).

NOUS provides all services for Planning, Building, Equipping and Commissioning of Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Health Clubs, Veterinary Hospitals, & other Healthcare Facilities as well as for Modernisation and Upgradation of the existing Hospitals, Colleges and Healthcare Facilities.

We also provide all services to plan Comprehensive Healthcare Systems to provide Healthcare to any Organised Group. We undertake to monitor personnel policy as related to all matters of Health, Health Insurance and personnel welfare.

We provide Management Consultancy for creating the Business Models for Hospitals & carry out Medical Audits. We develop the Healthcare systems to meet the Healthcare needs of a Community, by providing Comprehensive Healthcare at a cost, that the community can afford.

Our vast experience in creating varied types of Nursing Units and Clinical Support Areas enables us to define the Hospital activity flow, structure the Healthcare delivery process and provide a Functional Plan which is easy to implement & upgrade. We have, over the years, defined the clean and dirty traffic of hospital for design and equipment planning.

We also provide all design parameters for engineering service systems and constantly review these in various Hospitals to enhance the user comfort.

NOUS has special expertise in Medical Equipment selection and installation, especially for clinical support areas, like installation of the Linear Accelerators, Proton Therapy Centres, Carbon Therapy Centres, Gamma Knife, X Knife, PET CTs, Cobalt Units, Brachy Therapy, Imaging Suites with MRI & CT Scanners; all types of Endoscopy Diagnostic & Therapeutic Suites, Molecular Biology Laboratories, PCR Laboratories, etc. We can set up the Ultra Clean Operating Rooms, Tissue Repositories, Research & BSL Laboratories, Vivarium, Electron Microscopy Rooms, etc. We have standardised layout of Emergency Departments, Trauma Centres, Obstetric Suites with or without LDRs, Surgical Suites, Radiology Departments, ICUs, NICUs, etc. We have to our credit, creation of more than 100 mock-ups to analyse the problems on full scale models, for ICUs, Operating Rooms, Single & Multi-unit Obstetric Suites, Radiology Suites, special OPDs and literally all functional areas of Hospitals, Medical & Dental Colleges.

NOUS specialises in integrating recent technological developments in its planning and design of Hospitals and their Operations. We undertake to design Active Component Systems, Passive Component Systems for Hospital Integration, Remote Real Time Monitoring and Virtual care Centres. We have started the trend for adding a department of Health Information Technology (HIT) with a Health Data Exchange to all our Hospitals since 1995. This deploys Open IT Architecture with departmental level IT servers, which helps in archiving Health Data, enables programming for Virtual ICU; enables the surgical team to carry out virtual surgery and plan the real surgery in much greater detail. It provides better customisation of HIS, standardise the EMR and the resultant “Trend Analysis” helps the decision support system & contributes to Intelligent Decision-Making System of Hospital. We created our first Robotic Surgery OR in 1999. Now, all NOUS projects have a 24 x 7 call centre, to facilitates internal & external communications.We are now working on setting up fully Digital hospitals.

NOUS has set up Validated Animal Houses, Research Laboratories, including BSL-3 Research Laboratories, Skills development Laboratories, Tissue Banks and GMP manufacturing facilities for Genetically Engineered Tissues for re-implantation. Our Ultra Clean Operating Rooms provide Less than 35 CFU per cubic Meter of Air Volume, most suitable for Transplant Surgery. We have designed a Burns Cubicle to treat all types and grades of burns in open care concept (Biological Safety Cabinet Concept). The cubicle provides Class 100 Clean environment with complete access to patient through barrier nursing. The first cubicle is installed in Jindal Hospital, Raigarh and has been used successfully to treat an 70% burns case.

NOUS has, planned and help create 142 Healthcare Facilities including 128 Hospitals. We are associated with creation of 2 Medical University, 2 AIIMs Like Institutes, 2 premier Postgraduate Teaching Institute, 11 Medical Colleges, a Dental College, 11 Nursing Colleges and upgraded 9 Medical Institutes with Medical, Dental & Nursing Colleges.

NOUS has also pioneered Postgraduate Education for Medical Architecture and Healthcare Facility (Building) Management in India.

We regularly interact with various Professional Organisations like Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Indian Plumbing Association, Indian Green Building Council, Ishrae, ASHRAE, Facility Guideline Institute, USA, etc. We understand requirements of all regulatory councils of India including NABH, NABL, AERB, Green Council, etc. We programme our projects to meet the statutory requirements.

NOUS maintains that Healthcare Buildings are Public Buildings & recommends making separate Building Blocks for IPD, OPD, Diagnostic Services and Emergency Trauma functions in medium to large Hospitals. This brings in cost advantage as well as functional superiority as compared to a single large building.

NOUS recommends making modular Hospital Buildings with standardised floorplates, which are 30 Meters tall at the maximum, and which are modern smart buildings deploying state of art Information Technologies for Healthcare delivery. These Hospital Buildings must strive to provide comprehensive Clinical Care and be Equipped with all needed Support Services and Engineering Services. All Hospital projects must be executed in more than one phase so that its upgradation over next 5 years is accomplished automatically.

We regularly provide a forecast for future Healthcare technologies which would be incorporated in Healthcare delivery processes. (Current Forecast is available on our web site) We regularly visit about 20 Hospitals every year and review their operations as a learning exercise. We interact with actual user and patients to understand planning and design modalities in context of Hospital administration and operations. We use our interaction with the users as well as with the Healthcare Providers to review our inputs, as well as assumptions, on a real time basis, to update our HPP.

Our experience with Hospital projects has enabled us to make a Hospitals, which employs nearly 25% less manpower, is paper-less and film-less, and which makes intelligent use of Technical developments in Healthcare delivery processes.

NOUS provides its services in a time bound plan for executing the projects in very short time on a definite activity plan as per the PERT & CPM.